About my work

I practice family law in Seattle, Washington.

Mostly I think of myself as a trial lawyer. Most of my trial experience comes from my background as a public defender and criminal defense attorney, but I don’t do much criminal defense work any more. My legal practice now is almost entirely family law.

From my point of view, the nice part about having a trial background is that, if I can’t convince the other side to negotiate in good faith, or to offer something close to what we could expect to get if we went to trial (sometimes family law negotiations are driven by emotional considerations as well as legal ones), going to trial is a legitimate way to get things resolved too. That’s not to say that it should be our first choice, but that it isn’t something we should shy away from either.

If you have other needs, go ahead and give me a call. If I don’t have enough experience to handle it myself, I’ll be happy to refer you to another attorney, or, if you prefer, I’ll co-counsel with another attorney so that you have someone you know working on your case.